Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu
Sun 06 December 2015, 6.30pm
Q&A with lead actor Toma Cuzin

Romania/France 2015, 89 mins, feature film, Romanian with English subtitles; Romanian title: Comoara

Q&A with lead actor Toma Cuzin

Cast: Cuzin Toma, Adrian Purcarescu, Cristina Toma, Nicodim Toma, Corneliu Cozmei  

Costi is a 33 year old accountant who spends his time between work and quiet evenings with his family, reading fairy tales to his 5 year old son. He thinks stories are very important in his son’s education, and sometimes he sees himself in the role of important and positive characters, especially heroes. 

One evening he is disturbed when reading “Robin Hood” by his neighbour Adrian, who asks Costi to lend him some money. He has huge debts to the bank and will soon lose the apartment where he lives. He needs money to rent a metal detector to scan his grandparents’ courtyard, where he thinks there is a buried treasure. If Costi will pay for the detector and they find the treasure, they will share it equally. 

While at first Costi and his wife are sceptical, soon they are drawn into this story and start to plan what to do with the money earned from selling the treasure. 

When the attempt to find the treasure seems doomed to failure and Adrian is ready to quit, Costi doesn’t lose hope. In the eyes of his wife and child, he is a hero. And heroes usually get what they want…