Romanian Film Festival 2015


The 12th Romanian Film Festival in London

Mon 30 Nov – Sun 6 Dec 2015

The Romanian Film Festival in London (RFF) is one of the most significant annual displays of Romanian culture to take place in London. The RFF features a stimulating array of titles at a leading London cinema. Special guests from Romania will be attending selected screenings and connected events.

“Now in its 13th year, the RFF has become a fixture in the glittering array of film events located in London. Since its inception, it has been a unique outlet for Romanian film makers as they built a dialogue about the nature of post-Communist Europe, at the same time offering British audiences access to the world of Romanian history, politics, and society. During this year, 2015, the RFF echoes with the issues which have been sweeping through Europe in recent years – the self-realisation of minorities, the problems of constructing civil society, and the rights of the individual versus the state. In this way, the RFF stands as a record of its own history, a history of the times in which it flourishes, as well as a record of individual lives and stories.”  (Ramona Mitrica & Mike Phillips, Profusion directors)

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